11022574_670154619776875_8711310927767392073_nThe air valve repair on the 96-inch Detroit Water and Sewerage Department water main will cause a BOIL WATER ALERT FOR ALL SHELBY TOWNSHIP WATER CUSTOMERS STARTING AT 11 P.M. MARCH 27.

The repairs will take place from 12:30 a.m. until roughly 3 a.m., Saturday, March 28. The boil alert will remain in place INDEFINITELY until water samples following the completed repairs test clean.

The boil alert ONLY covers water used for human consumption. Other uses such as bathing or cleaning will not require boiling.
Crews from the Shelby Township Department of Public Works will be working with DWSD officials to alleviate as much impact on Shelby Township customers as possible during the repair process.

Because of technical difficulties with trying to repair the valve during the pressures March 27, DWSD crews will have to drop pressure in the main to zero to make the repair. This drop in pressure necessitates the boil water alert as water may become UNSAFE FOR HUMAN CONSUMPTION without adequate pressure in the line.

To report water service disruption after 5 p.m., residents can contact the Shelby Township Police Department at (586) 731-2121 to report the issue. Updates on the repair and boil alert will be posted and on the township’s social media outlets as soon as they are available.

For more information on this repair for any other water/sewer service matter, contacts the Shelby Township DPW at 586-731-5990.


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