24 Mile Road water main work to impact Hayes Road intersection

The project to install a 42-inch diameter water main under 24 Mile Road from Dequindre to Romeo Plank roads with a full reconstruction of both lanes of traffic has begun in Shelby and Macomb Townships.

Ric-Man Construction Inc.’s jack and bore operation for the installation of a 42-inch water main under the westbound lane of 24 Mile Road that closed  24 Mile Road between Van Dyke Avenue and Ruann Drive has moved the closure west of Ruann. 24 Mile Road is now OPEN between Van Dyke Ave. and Ruann Drive.

Ric-Man’s goal for the segment between Van Dyke Ave. and Ruann Drive is to have that section of 24 Mile Road totally open by Feb. 11. Van Dyke will remain closed west of Ruann to the Clinton River crossing while crews finish the jack and bore process under the river.

Additionally, 24 Mile Road, between Flower Street and Mound Road, will be open to local traffic only while crews tunnel under the Clinton River.

Starting at 6 p.m. Feb. 27 the intersection of 24 Mile and Hayes road swill be effected by the Detroit Water and Sewerage Department water main installation. Early estimates place a completion date for the intersection work at roughly March 2.

Eastbound 24 mile Road traffic through the intersection will be open to at all times, and westbound 24 Mile Road will only be open west of Hayes Road.

Northbound Hayes Road will be open up to the 24 Mile Road intersection, and motorists will only be allowed to turn right or left onto 24 Mile Road. Southbound Hayes Road will be closed indefinitely at the intersection.

Motorists heading in the southbound direction must seek an alternate route. Message boards alerting motorists of the closure were put in place Feb. 13, and detours will be posted.

Tentatively scheduled for Feb. 24, crews will perform a  jack and bore operation under the Harris Drain between Hayes and Schoenherr roads. Plans are to close the road to westbound traffic for a span of roughly 300 feet with the possibility of a full closure of the road if pavement conditions mandate it.

Once the jack and bore operations are complete, crews will begin open trench work to install segments of the pipe under the west-bound lanes of 24 Mile Road.

Shelby Township, Ric-Man Inc. host follow-up 24 Mile Road town hall meeting

As crews ready 24 Mile Road between Van Dyke Ave. and Dequindre roads for a major overhaul, officials will hold a second meeting to answer questions from and share information with residents at 7 p.m. Dec 11 at Shelby Township Hall.

Work to install a 42-inch diameter Detroit Water and Sewerage Department water main from Dequindre to Romeo Plank roads followed by a full reconstruction of both lanes of traffic will start in full within Shelby Township in the coming weeks. Township officials wanted to refresh residents on the project and address questions on issues such as the marking of trees along the roadway prior to construction.

“I have scheduled a town hall meeting on Thursday, Dec. 11 at 7 p.m. to update and answer all questions regarding 24 Mile Road,” Township Supervisor Rick Stathakis said. “The panel will consist of Ric-Man Inc. President Steve Mancini, a representative from Macomb County, Fazal Kahn Engineering, a consultant arborist and, possibly, a representative from DWSD.

“Among other items, this panel will discuss the trees that run along 24 Mile Road and the care that is being taken to impact them as little as possible throughout the project.”

Ric-Man crews proactively flagged trees that would require trimming to avoid risking serious damage as large construction vehicles move down the roadway. To ensure that this trimming is conducted in a manner that minimizes impact on the trees and surrounding property, the Township enlisted the services of a consultant arborist to act as an advocate for the residents.

“In order to ensure that maximum care and correct steps are taken to preserve our trees, Township Engineer Fazal Khan recommended that we hire a consulting arborist,” Stathakis said. “This trained professional will explore the potential for tree damage and identify and communicate to Ric-Man the correct steps to be taken in order to provide maximum safety for our trees.

“She will also identify alternative road construction methods, if necessary and possible, to protect all trees, and oversee the management of tree protection in this area during the actual construction.”

To help facilitate this, the arborist will draft a report evaluating the potential for damage to the trees starting Dec. 1, before construction work begins. The arborist’s report and suggestions for steps to provide maximum safety for the trees will be made available for review at the Dec. 11 town hall.

As construction increases in the coming weeks, two crews will work simultaneously through winter to minimize the time needed to complete the seven-mile water main replacement under the westbound lane of 24 Mile Road followed by the reconstruction of both lanes.

Water main construction crews will close the westbound lane during work with eastbound traffic permitted during construction, which will be limited to one-mile segments.

Local traffic will be permitted to enter residences and access to local neighborhoods should be minimally impacted as crews will work with local residents to aid them through the closures. Detours for through traffic will be posted as traffic will be directed to 23 Mile Road.

The two crews will work phases in Shelby Township in sections from Hayes to Schoenherr roads, Schoenherr to Shelby Parkway, Shelby Parkway to Van Dyke Ave., Van Dyke Ave. to Mound, Mound to Shelby roads, and Shelby Road to the Rochester Pump Station